"We’re here to help."

Believe it or not, we thought long and hard about that simple opening statement!

Those four short words capture what Credit Union SA is about better than any reference to our banking expertise and experience ever could.

We’re here to help South Australians do more with their money, so that in turn they can make more of life. That could involve help buying a home or car, saving for a holiday, insuring property, or simply getting the household finances under control.

It’s an approach that – coupled with our proud commitment to strengthening our local South Australian communities for a brighter future – has already attracted over 50,000 members.

And you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your deposited funds are guaranteed by the Financial Claims Scheme (subject to the scheme terms and conditions), just as they are in banks.

So contact us today and find out how we can help you do more with your money.

About Credit Union SA

Credit Union SA's Board of Directors and Executive Management team are responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of Credit Union SA, comprising high-performing individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds, talents and financial skills.

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How Credit Union SA supports education

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We have been supporting the South Australian education community for over 60 years.

School Community Rewards

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Helping to generate a regular financial benefit for your school.

The Credit Union Difference: Own your banking

We are a member owned organisation, so it is our members – everyone who banks with us – who collectively own us.
Consequently, it’s them, their families and communities who are our top priority.

We channel our profits back to:

  • our account and loan holders (members) in the form of lower fees, competitive interest rates, enhanced digital banking solutions and improved customer service; and
  • their local communities, through funding of various South Australian community development activities and initiatives, particularly in the education sector.

Celebrating 150 years of Customer Owned Banking

We help South Australians do more with their money, while proudly complying with the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice. At Credit Union SA, we offer all the same services as a bank but with one very important difference - our highest priorities are our members and our community.

Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice

Credit Union SA proudly complies with the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice (the Code).

Created by the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA), representing Australia’s mutual banks and building societies, credit unions and other mutual Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (ADIs), the Code clearly sets out your rights as a customer and our responsibilities as your financial institution.

The commitment it requires of us, and which we willingly make, can be summarised as follows.

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We will:
  1. be fair and ethical in our dealings with you
  2. focus on our customers
  3. give you clear information about products and services
  4. be responsible lenders
  5. deliver high customer service and standards
  6. deal fairly with any complaints
  7. recognise our customers’ rights as owners
  8. comply with our legal and industry obligations
  9. recognise our impact on the wider community
  10. support and promote the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.
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Credit Union SA is South Australia's third largest credit union, with $1 billion in assets and over 50,000 members.

As a customer owned banking organisation, we are not driven by the need to return dividends to shareholders in the manner of the major banks. As a result, we're able to channel the profits we generate back to our membership and broader community.

This is achieved in the form of innovative new products and services, low fees, great interest rates, high levels of personal service, and community development initiatives and project funding.

Credit Union SA was formed on 1 October 2009 by a merger between former South Australian credit unions Satisfac and Powerstate, which had their origins in the education and industrial sectors respectively. Both organisations were renowned for their local knowledge

If you're keen to say goodbye to big-profit banks and join the Credit Union SA community, we'd be delighted to welcome you aboard. And you'll be happy to hear that joining is easy to do. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a member.

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A credit union is a member-owned financial organisation. Credit unions are created and operated for the benefit of their members and wider community.

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Visit 400 King William Street, Adelaide or call us (08) 8202 7777 to discuss loans, credit cards, savings accounts or any of our other services. You can speak to a member of our friendly team quickly and easily, six days a week. If you have your Access Code we can help you quickly and efficiently, but if you don’t have one that’s fine – give us a call and we can help with your enquiries.

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If you don’t believe your current financial institution values your business anymore, why stay loyal to them? If you’re sick of ever-increasing fees, reduced customer service and big profit banks that are more concerned about their shareholders than you, maybe it’s time you considered making the change to an institution that exists to benefit members.

The BSB number is 805-007. For quick reference, it is available in the top right hand corner of the website.

The Board of the Credit Union is committed to protecting members’ interests, keeping members fully informed about the performance of the Credit Union and protecting and enhancing member value.

Effective governance provides the framework to ensure the Credit Union is managed soundly and prudently by a competent Board which can make reasonable and impartial business judgements in the best interests of the Credit Union and which duly considers the impact of its decisions on members.

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