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22 Jan 2023

| Home Loan

Choosing the right home loan depends on your immediate and future needs, so it’s worth taking some time to think about your essential requirements and prioritise loan features accordingly. The loan type that offers the most of your priorities wins!

Here are some of the choices we can offer you:

Home Loan Package

If you’re looking for the ultimate in savings and flexibility, our Home Loan Package offers a fantastic collection of bundled benefits across home loans, Visa credit cards, personal loans, transaction accounts, investments and more.

The Package allows you to avoid many of the usual application, set-up and maintenance fees (an annual package fee does apply), so it may be the perfect fit if you like to actively manage your loan, or if you’re likely to borrow more money in the future.

Home Loan Package

Variable rate

Variable interest rates fluctuate with market trends. At times they rise, but when they fall you’ll pocket the savings. They also offer the ultimate in flexibility, with no penalties for repaying your loan early, and complete flexibility in how much you want to pay and when (providing you meet the minimum repayments, of course).

A variable rate loan could be suitable for you if: you think rates may go, or stay down in the near future and you’re happy to take the risk that they could also go up; you’re thinking of selling your house in the near future; or you’re likely to come into a sum of money that you want to pay off your loan.

Standard Variable Rate Home Loan  Discounted Variable rate Home Loan

Fixed rate

Fix one of our competitive rates for a period of one, two or three years and you’ll always know exactly what your commitments are. A fixed rate may be suitable if you’re worried about interest rates increasing, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, but they’re not suitable if you expect to sell your property soon or want to make large additional repayments during the fixed term.

You can even choose to lock in the fixed rate from the time of your application, meaning that your fixed rate won’t change if rates go up before your loan is funded. A fee applies to lock in your rate, but it could be money well spent if rates do go up in the meantime.

Fixed Rate Home Loan

Split home loan

A split home loan allows you to enjoy the flexibility of a variable rate on one portion of your loan, with the stability of a fixed rate applying to the remainder. It’s your choice.

Bridging finance

If you already have a home, in all likelihood you’re intending to fund the purchase of your new home with the sale of your existing one. But what if the perfect new property pops up before you complete your sale?

A bridging loan can be used to ensure that dream listing doesn’t pass you by and lets you purchase the new property before selling your current home. You can choose to make monthly interest payments or have the interest capitalised to your loan during the bridging period, keeping your costs at a minimum while you sell your existing home.

Construction loan

A construction loan lets you progressively draw down your approved loan while your dream house is built, with funds released at key stages of the build. Usually you’ll only need to meet the monthly interest costs during the construction period, with principal and interest repayments commencing when your house is built and you’ve moved in. A construction loan is a variable rate loan, but you can switch to a fixed rate when the construction is fixed.

Home Loan Offset Account

Linking your variable rate home loan to a Home Loan Offset Account could help you to reduce the amount of interest paid on your home loan and, ultimately, pay off your home sooner. But be aware that offset accounts are only available on selected variable rate loans, so you may need to think carefully about the features that are most important to you.

Home Loan Offset Account

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