Why the Zahra Foundation?

We’re often asked how we choose organisations to sponsor, and the truth is, it’s never an easy process. With a vast range of not-for-profit groups out there doing such incredible work, it’s always difficult to narrow it down to just one.

The only exception to this rule has been the Zahra Foundation. We knew immediately after hearing Zahra’s story that we wanted to support this amazing organisation.

Zahra’s Story

Zahra migrated to Australia with her husband and children in 1997, leaving behind her extended family and friends for the hope of a better life. The restrictions of being in an abusive and controlled marriage limited Zahra from living the full life that she had hoped for. Despite all this, Zahra embraced the opportunities in Australia.

In 2009, Zahra took the brave steps of leaving the family home with her children, receiving assistance from the Central Domestic Violence Services. Zahra and her children stayed in hiding to keep themselves safe from her abusive husband.

On 21 March 2010, Zahra attended the Persian New Year function at the Adelaide Convention Centre, to celebrate this cultural event and her 44th birthday. This celebration was cut short when her husband took her life in front of 300 witnesses. 

Her legacy lives on through the commitment of her children and the establishment of the Zahra Foundation Australia which was officially launched on 5 September 2015.

In honour of Zahra – the foundation's mission

The Zahra foundation now works to help people live a life free of violence, recognising financial abuse and disadvantage is one of the biggest barriers to women leaving and remaining free of abusive relationships.

The foundation addresses this through the delivery of programs that promote the economic empowerment of women and their children. We’ve committed to the Zahra Foundation for the next two years by supporting their fundraising activities and through financial sponsorship.

If you would like to find out more about the Zahra’s Foundation or how you could help, visit zahrafoundation.org.au


The Zahra Foundation have a range of resources available for women who are wanting to understand the type and level of programs and services that they have available.

If you are requiring urgent crisis assistance for domestic and family violence it is important for you to access immediately. You are able to access services either by:

If you are in a situation of immediate danger please call Emergency Triple Zero (000).

Quick Exit

Women on the Run

Credit Union SA is proud to be the major sponsor for the Zahra Foundation Women on the Run that was held on on Sunday 21 March 2021. 

The annual 'Women on the Run' event, which supports the work of domestic and family violence charity Zahra Foundation Australia.

All South Australians are invited to walk or run the 4km-return stretch of beach between Grange and Henley jetties, and to wear a backpack filled with non-perishable foods to donate after they cross the finish line.

Carrying this extra weight symbolises the situation many women and children face when they escape violent households – fleeing with only the belongings they can fit in a hastily packed bag.

Zahra Foundation