Supporting Education

How Credit Union SA supports education

We have been supporting the South Australian education community for over 60 years. 

It’s a big part of our DNA, and something that we continue to do every day! How exactly? Well, we put profits back into the education community in lots of different ways. Take a look.

Major Education Partners

Association of Independent Schools SA (AISSA)

Catholic Education South Australia

University of Adelaide Education

University of South Australia Education

Flinders University Education

Education associations

SA Science Teachers Association (SASTA)

SA Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation SA (ACHPER)

Independent Primary School Heads Association (IPSHA)

SA State School Leaders Association (SASSLA)

Christian Schools SA (CSA)

ASME Young Composers Award

Mathematical Association of SA (MASA)

Small Schools (SSASA)


Flinders Education Student Association (FESA)

Association Principals Catholic Secondary Schools (APCSS)

Business and Enterprise Teachers Association (BETA)

SA Geography Teachers Association (GTASA)

SA History Teachers Association (HTASA)

SA English Teachers Association (SAETA)

South Adelaide Early Childhood Association

SA Library Teachers Association (SALTA)

5 great reasons to bank with us

Still not 100% sure what we do to support our SA education members and why?

Check out our 5 great reasons to bank with us if you’re in education:

  • We are a fairer, smarter and a more human alternative to the banks.
  • We put profits back into the education community - not shareholders pockets.
  • We love digital banking! Because it gives you the freedom to bank wherever and whenever you want!
  • We have extended phone hours. So you can get in touch with us when you have time.
  • Loads more but we can’t go on forever… or can we. No we can’t.

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