We are South Australia’s third largest credit union, with over $1 billion in assets, around 50,000 members and 150 employees.

As a member owned and operated financial institution, everything we do is about giving people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to traditional banks. We come to work every day to build something we all love, with technologies that transform the way we bank.

We’re a dynamic team of money experts, member service specialists, designers, researchers, analysts, digital developers, leaders and marketers, who share the same goal of giving our profits back to our members - the best way we can! As you’d expect, we have high expectations of ourselves.

We strive to:

  • exhibit integrity, determination and vitality in everything we do
  • create a sense of belonging within our community
  • take personal responsibility, communicate openly and do what we say
  • build an inclusive community where people feel valued and have a sense of pride
  • encourage diverse thinking, collaboration and promote innovation
  • have the confidence and resilience to persevere, regardless of the challenge
  • recognise individual differences and welcome people from a variety of life and work experiences
  • encourage flexibility in how we work to meet our people’s needs
  • create the energy to be at our best and enjoy what we do
  • build the foundations for a healthy, sustainable future.

Our values in action

Credit Union SA is a values-based organisation with a purpose to connect and collaborate with South Australians for a brighter future.

Living our Values in Action means we can help South Australians do more with their money:

  • Integrity: We take personal responsibility, communicate openly and honestly and do what we say.
  • Determination: We have the belief, confidence and resilience to persevere regardless of the challenge.
  • Belonging: We are together in an inclusive community where people feel valued, respected and have a sense of pride.
  • Vitality: We create the energy and momentum to be at our best and enjoy what we do.
  • Healthy: We build and maintain the foundations for a sustainable future.

Current Vacancies

This list contains information on all current employment opportunities at Credit Union SA.

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    Benefits of working at Credit Union SA

    We love being able to offer a range of benefits to our employees.

    For example, we offer and support you with:

    • high-quality staff training
    • staff education and development opportunities and a study assistance program
    • flexible work arrangements to meet your needs
    • employee assistance program (EAP)
    • freedom to choose what you wear to work – suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans, it’s up to you
    • volunteering opportunities during work hours/counted as time in lieu

    We’ll show our appreciation by:

    • recognising your professional and personal milestones
    • celebrating individual and team success in line with our values.

    And you’ll receive special staff rates on our:

    • banking and insurance products and services
    • financial planning services through Calm Wealth
    • health insurance through Health Partners.

    Expressions of interest

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    Alternatively, you can send your attached resume and cover letter directly to careers@creditunionsa.com.au

    Organisation Departments

    Our Member Experience Centre is based at 400 King William Street, Adelaide. Our Member Experience Centre staff predominantly perform sales and service roles and play an incredibly important part in delivering our member experience face-to-face and helping our members to do more with their money.

    The team in our Member Experience Centre also has a sales and service focus, and deliver our member experience through our phone and digital channels. All staff are trained to deliver our full product range, giving members the answers they’re after so they can do more.

    The team in our Member Administration area support our frontline teams in handling the creation of new memberships and provide members’ cards and PINs, among other things. They also coordinate all activities in support of member transactions, such as processing direct-entry and online transactions. Our team is dedicated to delivering outstanding levels of internal and external service, and enhancing our member experience.

    The Credit Union SA Finance team is the custodian for the credit union’s own finances, managing financial risks, planning and the credit union’s information and reporting requirements. With a keen eye for detail they make sure performance is on track.

    The Risk and Governance team effectively ensures level heads always prevail. They act as the second line of defence to ensure the Credit Union’s risks are identified, managed and/or mitigated, undertake internal auditing activities and provide corporate knowledge resources via documented policies and procedures. They’re also responsible for managing our fraud and dispute services.

    Our dedicated Product team makes sure our product offering remains a compelling proposition for all South Australians – helping members do more with their money. They continuously monitor the marketplace to ensure our products not only remain competitive, but in a lot of cases have fewer fees and better interest rates than most other banks and credit unions in SA.

    The People & Culture team has an extremely important job, ensuring we not only recruit great people, but look after them well and keep them in our community for as long as possible. They collaborate and connect with our people to enable them to be more and achieve more for our members and for each other, as well as managing our payroll and professional development activities.

    Our School Community Rewards team work with school communities to help with their fundraising efforts. They introduce Credit Union SA’s products and services to each school community through attendance and participation at school events. School Community Rewards provides a regular financial benefit for schools without the school community (parents, grandparents and educators) having to donate any time or money. That’s a pretty rewarding job!

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    Our Lending and Credit team process and manage members’ loan applications, delivering an assured and informed experience for our members. This can include centralised loan approval, documentation and settlement. The Lending and Credit team maintain important relationships with our internal sales team, valuer panel and settlement provider, and coordinate all activities relating to the ongoing management of our loans portfolio. The team’s goal is to deliver an outstanding lending experience for members, proactively keeping members informed throughout the process.

    Our Credit Control team manages the collection of members’ repayments on Credit Union SA products. A very important part of this job is working with any members in financial difficulty to help them manage their obligations.

    When turning a machine off and on again doesn’t fix it, this is the team that gets our computing and information technology working. They install all our systems and ensure they talk to each other, fix any niggles and provide all staff with daily helpdesk support. They also provide a number of business analysis services and ensure essential member services like Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App are always open for business.

    This team is responsible for improving our members’ digital banking experience and making it possible for members to conduct their banking 24/7 on the device of their choice. With a passion for innovation, digital is at their core and they’re constantly looking for ways to create deeper connections with our communities and make life easier for our members and staff.

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    Our team of Relationship Managers, Mobile Managers and Sponsorship are focused on fostering and developing our relationship with the South Australian education community. The Relationship Managers maintain the credit union’s relationships with many schools, educator and workplace groups, regularly visiting them and attending their events. The Mobile Managers take virtually all the services of our Member Experience Centre to members’ homes and workplaces. They can open any account, loan or other product and will happily meet people outside normal business hours.

    Our communication specialists, PR consultants, journalists and advertising agency all wrapped into one! The Marketing team manages our brand and conceives, develops and implements all our communication and tactical promotional activities across all media.

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