St John’s Youth Services strives to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged young people in our community by providing emergency accommodation, child support services and transition-to-independent-living programs.

For most young people using St John’s Youth Services, achieving the 75 hours of driving training required to get their license is difficult due to a lack of funds, family support or vehicle access. So together with St John’s Youth Services, we’re funding driving lessons for at risk young people who are ready to take on the challenge of getting their driver’s licence as part of the St John’s Youth Services Driving Program.

Please note this program is only available to residents of St John’s Youth Services.

How it works

It’s simple but effective!

We will make a donation to the St John’s Youth Services Driving Program every time someone takes out a car loan with us. So not only will you be getting a great car loan, but you'll also be helping disadvantaged young people in your community.

How it’s helping

Having a driving license gives young people options and choices. It opens doors for finding employment and makes education more accessible. It’s all about providing more opportunities to young South Australians!

Supporting St John's Youth Services

We make a donation to St John’s Youth Services Driving Program for every car loan taken out.

This year, we will work with St John’s Youth Services to give: