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FAQs Secure Mail

Secure Mail

  • What is Secure Mail?

    Secure Mail in Internet Banking allows you to send and receive secure messages to and from Credit Union SA. And because you can only access Secure Mail by logging in to Internet Banking, we can provide detailed account and membership information in our responses to you.

  • Why would I send Credit Union SA a message by Secure Mail?

    You might like to send us a secure message to:

  • How do I send a message in Secure Mail?

    To send a message from Internet Banking Secure Mail click Compose to open the Compose new message page. Under the To field select an enquiry type from the drop down list, enter a relevant subject in the subject field, and then type your message in the Body field below. When you’re finished click Send at the bottom of the page to send your message to Credit Union SA. We will respond to your message by the next business day.

  • How do I access Secure Mail?

    Secure Mail is only accessible through Internet Banking, which you can access via the login button at the top right of the Credit Union SA home page. If you aren’t registered for Internet Banking visit us at 400 King William Street, Adelaide or call us on (08) 8202 7777 and we’ll get you setup in no time.

  • How does Secure Mail work?

    Secure Mail works the same as any other email service. The Inbox displays all your received messages, and you can send new messages to Credit Union SA by clicking on Compose. We will inform you when you have a message waiting for you in Secure Mail by sending a notification to the ‘Home’ email address you have provided in Internet Banking.