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8 Dec 2022

| Digital Banking

We love digital banking because it gives you the flexibility and freedom to take control of your finances where and when you need to.

But are you getting the most out of what we offer in the digital banking space?

Here’s 16 things you probably didn’t know you could do with us.


Think of round-ups as the digital equivalent of chucking loose change in a piggy bank. You can save a little bit every time you spend with your Visa card or digital wallet. Your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and the difference will be transferred to your nominated savings account in your Mobile Banking App. The perfect way to micro-save with minimal effort.

Open a new account

Just realised round-ups would be great but don’t have a savings account? Not to worry, with Credit Union SA you can open a new account in just a few steps, directly from your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking. Select ‘Open account’ from the menu, select the account you would like to open and follow the prompts. Easy!

Create Siri shortcuts

Want to find out your balance hands free? You can set up a Siri shortcut to let you know your quick balance without even opening our Mobile Banking App. You can set the command, for example: “tell me my balance” and Siri will answer you with your quick balance information.

Pay your way – take charge

With a range of payment options, you can master your money, bills, and budgets. From scheduling regular rental payments to quickly and securely paying your utilities with BPAY, you can manage it all from your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking on the run. Need to transfer your friend money for movie tickets? Or send funds overseas to a family member? With our digital banking, you have complete control.

Account nicknames

Setting up personalised account nicknames can be great for setting goals, monitoring your budget, organising multiple accounts, or keeping track of spending. To start nicknaming, simply open up your Mobile Banking App, go to the Accounts screen, select the account you would like to rename and press the ‘…’ ellipses at the top right of the screen and follow the prompts. In Internet Banking you go to Settings > Preferences and the rename function is beneath the preferred account option.

Create a PayID

Let’s face it, remembering your bank details is tough, and who has time to find out your BSB and account number every time your friend wants to pay you back for pizza? That’s where a PayID can help. A PayID is a unique account identifier for real-time payments that’s easy to remember – like your mobile phone number or email address. You can register a PayID in your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking and link it to an account of your choice. Then, when someone needs to pay you, just give them your PayID. Simple!

Digital wallet

Forgot your purse or don’t want to carry around your bank cards every day? Your digital wallet, on your phone or watch, can be used to make purchases.

Our digital wallet capabilities are extensive, including Google Pay™, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. We’re all about giving you options and flexibility to pay your way so you can live, play, and spend without restrictions.


Want to pre-authorise real-time payments straight from your bank account? PayTo allows you to manage all your PayTo Agreements (similar to direct debit) in your Internet Banking, so that you can pause, resume, or cancel any of your agreements (payments) whenever you like.

This means you won’t have to give out your BSB and account numbers or manage your cards and their expiry dates anymore – making your life admin that little bit easier.

Check your balance at the bar

Or the shops, or anywhere on the go with Quick Balance. See what’s in your account in an instant by setting up a Quick Balance widget on your phone’s home screen - without having to open your Mobile Banking App. Here’s how to do it:

iOS: Swipe right from the home screen to access the Notification Centre and select ‘edit’ to add a widget.

Android: Long press on the home screen and select the ‘widget’ option.

eStatements and eCommunications

If you’re registered for eStatements and eCommunications you’ll receive your statement on your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking, before our paper statements have even finished printing, let alone sent out – it’s that much quicker. Plus, you’ll be helping us reduce our carbon footprint. Here’s how to register:

Mobile Banking App: Open the menu in the top left hand corner and select eStatements > Manage eStatements and follow the instructions.

Internet Banking: Select Settings > Communications and follow the instructions

Spend tracker

Get an overview of your spending habits and compare it with the previous month, year, or date period to better understand your income and expenses. In your Mobile Banking App select Accounts from the dashboard then select the account you would like to track and press on the figure under your balance that displays whether you are up or down for the month – then follow the prompts.

Biometric login

You can set up a biometric login in your Mobile Banking App by opening the menu and selecting Settings > TouchID for Apple or Settings > Biometric login for Android. Just remember you’ll need to have a fingerprint registered on your device first.

Lock, block and replace your card

If your bank card is misplaced, lost, or stolen you can put a temporary lock on it or cancel and replace it all together without having to call or visit us. Instantly manage your card using your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking under Card Management.

Open Banking

With your consent, we can now share your Credit Union SA data with other accredited organisations, making it easier for you to compare and switch products and services.

This is also now available for your joint accounts.

Take a look at our Open Banking page to learn more about the process and information that can be shared.

We keep you safe. 24/7.

Digital doesn’t have to be scary. Through round the clock monitoring, we help keep your accounts safe and secure. Often detecting incidents of fraud before you’re even aware. If we notice suspicious activity on your account someone from our Fraud team or Fraud Bureau Service will alert you immediately by phone, text, or email to get authorisation for the transaction and help you escalate if needed.

We also take proactive measures to protect your data and finances by placing restrictions on your accounts if we notice unusual activity and can’t reach you. Make sure we can get in touch quickly by keeping your contact details up to date.

Update your information anywhere

If you got a new phone number, email, or home address, it’s best to let us know as soon as possible so we can get in touch with you about your accounts, if we need to. You can update these details quickly without having to call us – simply edit your details in your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking and the changes will be processed instantly, so you can clear it from your to-do list the moment it pops into your head.

Don’t have the Mobile Banking App?

Follow our easy to use Mobile Banking App Guide to get started.

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