Faster payments

Send and receive money in seconds in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App.

You can now send and receive money in seconds between over 70 participating Australian financial institutions, with PayID smart addresses making paying and getting paid fast and simple.

A PayID lets you swap your BSB and account numbers for something more memorable – like a mobile number, email address or ABN. It also gives you more confidence when sending money, because when you use a PayID to send money you’ll automatically be shown the name of the person who owns that PayID before you approve the payment.


Let’s face it, remembering your bank details is tough. With all the numbers in our lives, who can remember their BSB and account numbers?

That’s where a PayID can help.

A PayID is a smart address for real-time payments that’s easy to remember – like your mobile phone number or email address. You can register a PayID with Credit Union SA in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App and link it to an account of your choice.

Then, when someone needs to pay you, just give them your PayID instead of your BSB and account number. Simple!

Faster and simplerPayID is designed to work seamlessly with the new Osko by BPAY service, which we have integrated into our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking App. You can now make and receive payments faster than ever before, 24/7.
Pay the right person every time

If you’ve ever worried about sending money to the wrong person, PayID can help.

When you use a PayID to transfer money the system will automatically show you the name of the person the PayID is registered to before you send the money. So you can be confident knowing your money is going to the right place.

BSB and account numbers still existPayID is an easier way to pay someone – it won’t be replacing regular transfers or BPAY. You can choose not to register a PayID and continue using BSB and account numbers to pay or get paid by others (a PayID is easier, though).

Faster and simpler

Pay the right person

Register your PayID today and enjoy faster payments!

Registering a PayID is quick and easy, and can be done in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App:

Mobile Banking App

  1. Update the App to the latest version
  2. Select Settings then Manage PayID from the menu
  3. Select Get started and follow the prompts.

Internet Banking

  1. Log in to Internet Banking
  2. Click on the PayID icon in the top navigation bar
  3. Validate your identity with Two-factor Authentication*, then follow the prompts.

Multiple PayIDs

You can register multiple PayIDs to a single account…

…but only one account to a PayID.

So if you’d like to enjoy the simplicity of using a PayID on two or more accounts, you’ll need to register a unique PayID to each account.

Frequently asked questions
View all PayID FAQs

A PayID is an easily remembered identifier such as your Email Address, Mobile Phone Number, or ABN that is linked to your financial account (BSB and account number) at Credit Union SA. ABN in this context also includes ACN, ARBN and ARSN.

After you create a PayID, you can tell people to make payments to it instead of giving out your financial account details.

Your PayID information is stored in a secure, encrypted data repository.

Yes, your PayID can be locked by Credit Union SA for a number of reasons such as:

  • If we suspect suspicious activity relating to the use of your PayID. This is to prevent the misuse of your PayID.
  • PayIDs are locked if they have not been used for 10 years.
The transferred PayID will not change however the transfer of the PayID Name is dependent on your financial institution.

Your PayID can be given to other people for them to make NPP payments to you.

The range of PayID types to be offered by Credit Union SA are:

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • ABN (Australian Business Number), Australian Company Number (ACN), Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN), and an Australian Registered Scheme Number (ARSN)

Your PayID can be created through Internet Banking or on the Mobile Banking App. Watch the registration process on our Real Time Payments page.

You can unlock your PayID through Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App if you originally locked your PayID. However, if your PayID has been locked by Credit Union SA, you will need to contact us to discuss.

Only a person who can prove authority to use a) the PayID and b) the account that it is linked to, can create the PayID. Appropriate validation checks will be performed by Credit Union SA to ensure you are authorised to operate the financial account, and have the authority to register the PayID.

  • Greater convenience as you can provide payers with details which are easy to remember such as an Email Address or Mobile Phone Number.
  • Greater peace of mind, as you no longer have to provide your financial account information, such as BSB and account number to payers in order to receive payments.
  • Ability to maintain and transfer your PayID if you change financial institutions.

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