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6 Feb 2018

| Digital Banking

Faster payments are almost here, so we want to make sure you’re ready. Find out how to get ready and how to avoid awkward situations with real-time payments.

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What is a PayID?

What is a PayID?

Update #4 | How to get ready | Receiving transfers | Real-time payments | Terms and conditions are changing

How to get ready

  • If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Internet Banking – call us on (08) 8202 7777 and we’ll get you sorted
  • Update your contact details
  • Download our Mobile Banking App
  • We’ll let you know when faster payments go live, and invite you to register a PayID in Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking App.

We will also be updating our Mobile Banking App on the day faster payments launch, to provide you with enhanced functionality to register and use PayIDs.

Using your Member number to receive transfers?

If you currently have a payroll split or have multiple Credit Union SA accounts receiving one or more payments by Member Number as opposed to an Account Number, action on your part is required.

When faster payments launch, if you are currently using your Member Number to receive payments to your account, they may be credited to a different account than expected and any payroll splits you’ve set up with us won’t work.

Call us on (08) 8202 7777 and we’ll help you get ready to enjoy faster payments.

Avoid awkward situations with real-time payments

Everyday we encounter awkward situations which we wish we could avoid - luckily, real-time payments and PayID could solve some:

Splitting the bill at a restaurant

We’ve all been out to dinner with friends and realised when it was time to pay, the restaurant ‘doesn’t do’ split bills. Say goodbye to the awkward “what do we do?” glances around the table. Thanks to faster payments with PayID you can be the hero that offers to pay, confident that your friends’ share of the bill will be in your account before you’ve even paid the restaurant. No more running to an ATM for cash, or keeping track of IOUs.

Dividing living costs with housemates

Living with housemates can be great, but dividing living costs can be one of those things that make people tense. With faster payments you’ll be able to settle bills, the cost of groceries and other joint payments on the spot so you can continue to live in housemate heaven (at least it would be, if Kevin would do his dishes).

As fast as cash, without the hassle

You’ve finally found that bargain on Gumtree you’ve been searching for – #winning.

Now you just have to pay and collect it. Forget mapping out a trip to the ATM on the way, now you can get the seller’s PayID and pay them on the spot before you head home with your prize.

Terms and conditions are changing

As part of the faster payments implementation, we will be updating the terms and conditions for Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App.

Every user will need to accept the updated terms and conditions when faster payments launch. You can view the updated terms and conditions here.

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