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Credit Union SA is a proudly South Australian member owned financial institution helping South Australians thrive.

Accreditation is open to brokers operating and based in South Australia and who are members of our aggregation partners;

  • Australian Finance Group Ltd (AFG)
  • Loan Market Lenders Pty Ltd (Loan Market)
  • PLAN Aggregation Lenders Pty Ltd (Plan)
  • Choice Aggregation Lenders Pty Ltd (Choice)
  • Fast Aggregation Lenders Pty Ltd (Fast)

To enquire about accreditation please contact us at bdt@creditunionsa.com.au


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Home Loans

Find out more about our Special Offers, Home Loan Package, Standard Variable Rate Home Loans, Discounted Variable Rate Home Loans, and Fixed Rate Home Loans.

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Personal Loans

A personal or car loan from Credit Union SA offers flexible terms and repayment options. You can also make early repayments.

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Credit Cards

The Credit Union SA Credit and Debit cards are designed to give you access to your money wherever and whenever you need it most.

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Product update: Our $5,000 First Home Buyers Grant will be ending effective 1 September 2023. Since the launch of the initiative in 2017 we've helped over 671 members buy their first home and paid over $3,355,000 in grants. 

Looking for First Home Buyer assistance? Talk to us about the Australian Government's First Home Guarantee (FHBG).

Service Level Agreement

Correct as of: 4 April 2024

ActionBusiness Days
Pick up and processing


Conditional approval (Inclusive of pick up & processing)


Formal approval

Once all verifications have been received.

Document preparation


DocuSign® - Electronic Signing

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The eligibility criteria are:

Personal Loan

  • All Personal Loan offer documents can be completed using DocuSign®.

Home Loan

  • Home Loan contract amount cannot exceed $850,000.
  • There are no limits based on the aggregated lending amount. Therefore, if clients applied for two loans at the same time – say one residential loan and one investment loan, as long as each individual loan contract amount does not exceed $850,000 DocuSign® and/or IDyou can be used.
  • For a split loan, the combined total loan application amount cannot exceed $850,000.
  • For top ups, the loan amount cannot exceed $850,000 based on the current principle plus the new top up amount.
  • When a new mortgage instrument is required, the loan security must be located in SA, ACT, NSW, or Vic. There are no security location restrictions when extending an existing mortgage.
  • The loan application has a maximum of two borrowers.
  • Loans with guarantors are not eligible.
  • Each borrower must consent to receiving e-comms from Credit Union SA and to electronically sign their loan offer documents.

Yes. We’ll send you an email notification at the same time we notify your clients that their loan offer documents are available for electronic signature.

You will have view only access to the loan documents – and you can download a copy for your records.

No. When documents are provided via DocuSign® your clients must execute them with an electronic signature.

Yes. Joint borrowers can only execute the loan offer documents with an electronic signature when all borrowers agree to sign in the same way.

You’ll be sent an email with a link to the executed documents after all clients have electronically signed them. Credit Union SA will be notified at the same time so we can start our preparations for settlement.

Please contact us so we can correct the error and the loan documents will be reissued.

Please reach out to your support team at Credit Union SA.

IDyou – Digital Verification of Identity

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Yes. We apply the same requirements as if you were completing VOI in person – so you need to be an authorised representative of Credit Union SA to complete VOI.

No. If you select the Financial Institution as Credit Union SA when completing the VOI report, there will be no charge to yourself or your client.

Download a copy of the completed VOI report and upload to the client’s application in AOL. We’ll be notified that you’ve added a document and will review in preparation for settlement.

VOI is to be completed when the mortgage document is executed by a Broker appointed as a Credit Union SA agent to complete VOI.

Yes. When you ‘start new VOI’ in IDyou, you can select either in person or remote.

No. If you are appointed as Credit Union SA’s agent to complete VOI you can use this for paper loan offer documents as well – just remember to include the VOI report when returning the executed documents.

You can access IDyou resources from their website idyouapp.com.au, including guides, videos, and FAQ’s. Of course, you can always reach out to your support team at Credit Union SA.

Remote Verification of Identity - Verifier
How to conduct a VOI

How to sign a document - Docusign®