Car and Personal Loans



Establishment Fee

Payable when you apply for a new personal loan or an increase to an existing personal loan.^


Payable when your online-only special fixed rate personal loan is approved and funded.^


Monthly Fee

There are no monthly fees.


Redraw Fee

There are no redraw fees.


Security processing fee

Payable when your loan is to be secured by a motor vehicle


Arrears Fee

Payable whenever we send you a letter because you do not make a repayment in full on or before the date it is due and the default continues for three days or more.

  • Letter 1 – arrears 3 to 10 days
  • Letter 2 – arrears 11 to 18 days
  • Letter 3 – arrears 19 to 26 days
  • Letter 4 – arrears 27 days or more
First Letter


Subsequent letters


Other fees and charges may apply. ^ This fee does not apply if you are entitled to receive Education Community Banking Benefits.