This page includes Target Market Determinations for financial products issued by Credit Union SA from 5 October 2021.

What is a TMD?

A TMD is a document that describes the type or class of members (current or future) our products are appropriate for (target market), conditions around how the product is distributed so that it reaches targeted members (and not acquired by members outside the target market) and also how it is monitored and reviewed.

The purpose of our TMDs is, among others, to ensure we are keeping our members at the centre of our activities of design and distribution of our financial products offered to them (being consistent with their likely objectives, financial situation and needs).

Why does Credit Union SA need to have TMDs?

We are required to have TMDs under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019.

How can I have access to Credit Union SA’s TMD of our products?

Through this page, you can have access to the below TMDs:

We can always provide you with any of our TMDs on request. If you have any questions about our TMDs please contact us on ProductManagement@creditunionsa.com.au or call us on (08) 8202 7777.