Changes to your Visa payWave limits

14 Apr 2020

| Cards

To help reduce physical contact with surfaces when you’re using your Credit Union SA Visa cards, we’ve made some changes to the way you use your card.

Effective 6 April - payWave individual transaction limit increase

Recently, an industry-wide decision was made to increase payWave limits for Visa cards from $100 to $200 before a PIN is needed. This change started to roll out on Monday 6 April at selected stores and will continue over the coming weeks.

This change effects only Visa and MasterCard, so if you have an EFTPOS or American Express card (or any other type of card) you may still need to enter your PIN for transactions between $100 and $200.

This is a temporary change and will be reviewed at the end of a 3-month trial period, under advice from the Federal Government.

Larger supermarkets are expected to be the first to implement this change as they have seen significant increase to transaction volumes over the past few weeks.

Effective 16 April – payWave transaction limit increase

We have increased the maximum number of contactless transactions per day from 10 to 20. This includes any transactions that you make using Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. This change has been made to further minimise unnecessary contact with surfaces.

EFTPOS transactions

EFTPOS cards and transactions have not been altered as part of these changes and you may be prompted to enter your PIN for transactions that are above $100. This includes stores that have implemented Least Cost Routing (where transactions are processed through the EFTPOS network). This is a store decision and we are unfortunately unable to change this.

Remember, you can lock, block and control your card in the Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on (08) 8202 7777 or send a Secure Mail in Internet Banking.

Does the Visa payWave limit increase apply to mobile payments such as Apple Pay and other wearable devices?

Mobile payments and other devices are highly secure alternatives to card payments. Some mobile transactions don’t require a PIN due to the added authentication security on the device. However, some devices may still request a PIN for transactions above $100.

How will the limit increase to my Visa payWave impact the security of my card?

We will continue to monitor your account 24/7 as usual and we will alert you to any unusual activity.

However, you should always keep your card safe at all times and check your account often. If you lose your card or have any concerns about unauthorised transactions on your account, please contact us immediately.

If you don’t want to ‘tap and pay’, you can easily disable PayWave on your card using Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App.

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