How do I setup an alert in Internet Banking or on the Mobile Banking App?

You can setup an alert in Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking App to be notified when your account dips below a nominated amount or be alerted when your account has been credited a certain value.

Just log in to Internet Banking and select the ‘Settings’ tab from the top of the screen then ‘Alerts’ from the drop down menu. Enter your Two-Factor Authentication if/when prompted. If you have not already nominated how and when you wish to receive your alerts complete the ‘Mobile No’ and ‘Email ID’ fields (if not already completed).

Alternatively, using your Mobile Banking App, go to the left side menu and select 'Settings' and then ‘Alerts’ and turn on ‘Direct Credit Alert’ or ‘Direct Debit Alert’ and follow the prompts for your Accounts and Cards. You can add an alert for when your account goes above or below a certain limit and schedule a set ‘Balance Alert’. You can also be notified when a transaction has gone over a certain threshold. This threshold is set by you, and can be applied to any Pay Wave, ATM withdrawals, Visa transaction and EFTPOS transactions.

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