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22 Apr 2020

| Budget Planning

I‘ve recently fallen in love with podcasts (a bit late to the party, I know) and they’ve become a huge part of my daily routine, especially since working from home. 

I now pop on a podcast while I workout or clean the house – it’s the perfect way to multi task!

And with everything that’s going on in the world right now, I’ve been listening to a wide range of money podcasts, trying to find the best of best.

It’s been a long and sometimes tedious task, but I’ve finally put together an eclectic list of finance podcasts that will keep you informed and motivated, but most importantly, not put you to sleep. Enjoy.

1. The Money Cafe

Hosted by James Kirby and Alan Kohler (from ABC news!)

This podcast covers a huge range of topics, including the economy, business, finance and the latest news in investing. Alan and James have candid conversations sitting in a cafe - sometimes disagreeing but always really delving deep into issues. It’s great for learning about the economic climate and gauging where the world of money is at.

2. Equity Mates

Hosted by Bryce and Alec

This podcast is perfect for those looking at getting into investment for the first time. Bryce and Alec chat over topics like risk, managing a portfolio, investment options, global happenings, trading and more. It’s really relatable and they breakdown all the investment jargon into normal English while also talking about their own personal investment experiences.

3. My millennial money

Hosted by Glen James and John Pidgeon

This is one finance podcast that definitely won’t put you to sleep. Glen James and John Pidgeon chat about anything and everything - including a lot of listener questions and suggested topics including insurance, cars, home deposits, money & relationships, expensive hobbies and saving. They call themselves the ‘Hamish and Andy of finance’ and pride themselves on keeping it real.

And best of all, you can access their coronavirus resources which include really useful information on the property market, JobKeeper allowance, superannuation options and more.

4. The Property Couch

Hosted by Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley

Bryce and Ben talk all things property investing in Australia, including topics like which property to buy, structuring your loan, finding the right property investment strategy and tips for bidding at an auction. They share great information in a casual and accessible way – it’s like you’re listening into their secret conversations.

5. The Richards Report

Hosted by Ted Richards

Former AFL premiership player and current director of Business Development at Six Park, Ted Richards, chats to range of experts from the world of finance to explore and learn ways you can make smarter decisions when it comes to investing money. Although, I’ve probably made this sound like your run of the mill finance podcast - it’s really not. It stands out from the rest because the experts Richards interviews are so knowledgeable and interesting – it makes you keep going back for more.

6. ABC's The Money

Hosted by Richard Aedy

This is more of a big picture podcast. It looks at how the Australian economy and everything in it works, and how it all connects to the global economy. It covers a huge range of topics including economic myths, poverty, debt, population patterns and loads more. No surprise the ABC delivers once again!

7. Aussie Firebug

Hosted by anonymous

Based around interviews with clever people, the anonymous Aussie Firebug is a big believer in the concept of FIRE (financial independence, retire early) covering things like property investment, aligning your money with life goals, and investing for kids. It’s an interesting listen and it’s great for picking up tips from people that have worked their way to being financially independent. #lifegoals

8. The Pineapple Project

Hosted by Claire Hooper

The first season of this podcast is a must listen for those who aren’t great with money (my hand is up). Comedian, Claire Hooper goes deep into her financial psychology and unlocks a crucial realisation about her money habits over the course of a season. It’s hilarious, relatable and very entertaining. It’s a great story, which will make you reflect on your own financial psychology (scary, I know).

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