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Financial Planning

Bridges Financial Services

Many people are aware that they need professional financial advice but are unsure of where to start. Bridges are here to help.

Retirement planning

Retirement is a time of life for you to relax and do the things you’ve always wanted to do, and careful planning can help ensure you are financially comfortable. Prior to retirement, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself, including:

  • What do you want to do in retirement?
  • How much money will you need to do it?
  • Do you need a regular income?
  • Where will this income come from?
  • When can you retire?
  • How and when will you be able to access your super?
  • What Government support will you be eligible to receive?

Planning ahead can assist you in making the most of what you have and help you to achieve financial security, reduce uncertainty and enjoy your retirement. There are many different options available to help fund your retirement, including taking your super as a cash lump sum, purchasing an income stream product to give you a regular income or a combination of both. 


Superannuation is important because it may be your only means of financial support in retirement. Bridges can advise you on all the things you need to consider and superannuation strategies.


Redundancy can affect anyone and there are many things to contemplate if you want to make the most of a redundancy payment.

You need to assess how much money you need to live on and how much you will be able to put aside from your payout. Part of your payout may be tax-free and there are ways to reduce the tax you pay on the taxable component. Some components of a redundancy must be taken as a cash payment, while others may be able to be rolled over into super, which may be more tax-effective.

You may also be eligible for some Centrelink support following a redundancy, and the structure of your assets and income may increase your eligibility for Government support.

Make sure you get the right advice so that your payout provides long-term benefits.


Just as building your wealth is important, so is protecting it.

What would your family do if something happened to you? Illness, injury and death can have a huge impact on your family and finances. Most of us insure our car and home, but what about your most valuable assets - your life and ability to earn an income? Make sure you look after your loved ones and protect them against these risks.

Bridges can advise you on income protection, trauma, total and permanent disablement and life insurance products to help ensure that you and your family are protected.

To learn more

Contact the Bridges Adelaide office to arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation:


Phone: 8212 6166

Drop into Level 3, 400 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000

Or visit Bridges to find out more about the vast range of services available.

Our Pre-retirement Seminars, presented by Bridges Financial Services, cover a wide range of useful information for anyone thinking about retiring. Our next seminar will be held 15 May 2018 at the Credit Union SA Head Office.

Making smart financial choices can be difficult. Put yourself in the shoes of five animated couples to help them make smart financial choices.

How we can help

Making smart financial choices can be difficult. Put yourself in the shoes of five animated couples to help them make smart financial choices.

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Smart decisions here could make an enormous difference to your future income.

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