Is there a transaction on your credit or debit card that doesn’t look right? 

Or an issue with something you’ve bought? Here’s what to do.

Identify if the transaction is unauthorised (fraud) or a dispute

This is how we classify the two:


You didn’t participate in the transaction in any way.

Your card details have been compromised and used by a fraudster for financial gain.


You participated in the transaction, but something has gone wrong. Dispute reasons include:

  • Duplicated transaction or incorrect amount charged
  • Faulty product or not as described
  • Goods or services weren’t provided
  • You paid by another method, such as cash or another card
  • A recurring transaction you’ve already cancelled has debited again
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Why is this important?

If you have fraud on your card, we need to stop your card immediately to prevent further transactions. You can do this by:

  • Calling us immediately on (08) 8202 7777
  • Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm (ACST)
  • Saturdays 8am – 2pm (ACST)

Outside of these hours you can report card or Osko fraud to our 24/7 Fraud Bureau Service on 1300 705 750.

Don’t recognise a transaction?

For security, you can temporarily lock your card through Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App, while you check the following:

  • Was the purchase made by a family member or any other cardholder authorised to use the account?
  • Could the business be trading under a different name? Check this via Internet Banking by looking at a specific transaction in more detail and search the name on Experian Look who's charging
  • Was the transaction made in a foreign currency and converted into Australian dollars?
  • Is the transaction a regular membership, subscription fee or app download?
  • Was the transaction a free trial that has expired?
  • Was the transaction a pre-authorisation e.g. Hotels, Airbnb?
Important information to know: The transaction date on your statement may be different from the actual date of purchase. This is due to the time lag between when you made the purchase, and when the payment was processed.

How we help and timings

We do our best to help with enquiries but only the business involved can resolve:

  • Refunds or exchanges if you change your mind.
  • Membership or subscription enquiries.
  • Issues with software you've downloaded.

For disputes we can help with, please make sure:

  • You’ve tried to resolve the issue with the business first but were unsuccessful.
  • You can provide documents to support your claim and evidence that you’ve already tried to resolve the issue with the business.
  • You contact us as soon as possible as we have a limited timeframe to complete chargebacks under the Visa dispute resolution scheme.

Collect supporting documents

  • As part of our investigation, we may ask you for supporting documents of the transaction you want to dispute. For fraud resulting from a lost or stolen card, we’ll need you to make a police report.
  • Before you contact us, gather receipts, photographs of the item if it’s not as described, and the business’s contact details.
  • Record any correspondence with the business, include any invoices, receipts and web addresses relating to the purchase. Our ability to help will be limited by terms and conditions of your agreements, or contracts that you may have signed with the business.

Working with you

  • We’ll work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
  • We'll immediately stop your card to protect your account from further fraudulent activity and send you a new one.

Dispute process

  • If we accept your dispute (claim), we will usually post a temporary credit to your account within three business days, depending on the type of dispute.
  • We’ll then get in touch with the business’s bank or credit union and act on your behalf.
  • If the business decides to challenge your claim, they may re-debit the amount from your account (we credited) within 30 days. This happens a lot in the dispute process, so there’s no reason to be alarmed. We’ll assess the documents and forward them to you. If there are grounds to proceed, we will continue the dispute and a second temporary credit may be posted to your account.
  • However, if the business doesn’t challenge your claim, your case will be closed, and we’ll let you know what the outcome is.
Important information to know: Most disputes are resolved within 45 days, but we’ll let you know if it’s going to take longer.

Get in touch

If you would like to dispute a transaction, here’s how to get in touch:

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