Why should I update my browser?

Security vulnerabilities

If you are using an outdated browser then you are putting yourself at risk from a number of security threats. Any version of Internet Explorer before IE11 are less stable and more vulnerable to viruses, spyware, malware and other security issues.

Performance issues

Older browsers tend to have a number of performance issues, like images taking longer to load which can be frustrating and creates a poor user experience. Older browsers have a higher tendency to crash, which is not desirable when using Internet Banking!

Compatibility and display problems

Websites should display consistently across all browsers, which can be difficult when it comes to the multiple versions of Internet Explorer (IE).

Responsive design issues

Mobile and tablet device optimisation (so that a website will work across multiple devices), is now essential for all websites (which is one of the benefits of your new Internet Banking!) The process of responsive design involves using a design system which is unsupported by versions of IE earlier than IE8.

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