What is Visa payWave and is it safe?

Visa payWave is a globally accepted, contactless payment solution. It allows Visa cardholders to complete transactions under $200 without having to swipe or insert their card. You simply wave the Visa card in front of the contactless terminal and go. No need to enter a PIN or sign for the transaction. It's that simple.

You can complete up to 20 payWave transactions per day, per card with a daily limit set at $1,000.

We monitor your account 24/7 and will alert you to any unusual activity.

However, you should always keep your card safe at all times and check your account often. If you lose your card or have any concerns about unauthorised transactions on your account, please contact us immediately.

You can turn payWave off at any time using Internet Banking or your Mobile Banking App. It’s simple to do and puts you in control of the way your card works.

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