What are the eligibility criteria to use DocuSign® & IDyou?

The eligibility criteria are:

Personal Loan

  • All Personal Loan offer documents can be completed using DocuSign®.

Home Loan

  • Home Loan contract amount cannot exceed $850,000.
  • There are no limits based on the aggregated lending amount. Therefore, if clients applied for two loans at the same time – say one residential loan and one investment loan, as long as each individual loan contract amount does not exceed $850,000 DocuSign® and/or IDyou can be used.
  • For a split loan, the combined total loan application amount cannot exceed $850,000.
  • For top ups, the loan amount cannot exceed $850,000 based on the current principle plus the new top up amount.
  • When a new mortgage instrument is required, the loan security must be located in SA, ACT, NSW, or Vic. There are no security location restrictions when extending an existing mortgage.
  • The loan application has a maximum of two borrowers.
  • Loans with guarantors are not eligible.
  • Each borrower must consent to receiving e-comms from Credit Union SA and to electronically sign their loan offer documents.
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