How do I manage a PayTo Agreement which has an ‘Action Required’ status?

View your PayTo Agreements in Internet Banking by clicking ‘Payments’ in the main menu, and then PayTo Agreements. As an additional security measure, you will be required to enter a Secure SMS Code or VIP Security to view your PayTo Agreements list.

In the Mobile Banking App, from the main menu visit ‘Pay > PayTo Agreements’ to access.

PayTo Agreements which have a status of ‘Action Required’ will be highlighted orange within your list. This Action has been prompted by the third party with which you have the PayTo Agreement. Actions may include authorising or declining a PayTo Agreement overall, or authorising or declining a specific alteration to the PayTo Agreement. You will be alerted when a payment source becomes ineligible.

Click on the PayTo Agreement to find out more and make any desired changes. The change required by the third party will be highlighted orange on this screen. If you would like to accept the changes highlighted, click ‘Authorise’ and follow the prompts. If you would like to decline the changes highlighted click ‘Decline’ and follow the prompts.

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