How do I cancel a PayTo Agreement?

Please note prior to cancelling that you can not re-activate a cancelled PayTo Agreement and to first check your contractual agreements to verify whether you can cancel your PayTo Agreement

View your PayTo Agreements in Internet Banking by clicking ‘Payments’ in the main menu, and then PayTo Agreements. As an additional security measure, you will be required to enter a Secure SMS Code or VIP Security to view your PayTo Agreement list.

In the Mobile Banking App, from the main menu visit ‘Pay > PayTo Agreements’ to access.

If you wish to stop a current PayTo Agreement, click the PayTo Agreement you want to cancel within this list and click ‘Cancel’ at the bottom of the screen. You will then be taken to a notice screen before the PayTo Agreement is cancelled.

Click ‘Yes’ to cancel the PayTo Agreement and follow the prompts. Click ‘Maybe later’ if you do not wish to cancel the PayTo Agreement.

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