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Public Education Awards Recognising excellence

Credit Union SA is the proud Event Partner for the 2018 Public Education Awards.

An educator’s influence continues beyond the classroom and supports children and young people to reach their full potential in life. We all remember a teacher who inspired and motivated us to enjoy learning, and the awards honour the dedication and passion of individuals who deliver the best possible outcomes for young people and their families.

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South Australian public educators were recognised for their outstanding work at the 8th SA Public Education Awards on Friday 12 October 2018. The winners across 10 categories were revealed at the awards ceremony. All winners and nominees demonstrated excellence and innovation and provided students and pre-schoolers with the best possible education and support.

The 10 winners received $10,000 to go towards professional development, with 20 runners-up also receiving $2,000 in support.

Credit Union SA Primary Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to SA Primary Teacher of the Year: Kelly Rivett, Year 5 teacher, Vale Park Primary School

A unique handshake for every student as they enter Kelly’s classroom is the first indicator of this teacher’s innovative approach. Kelly believes she must prepare her students for the 22nd century and uses unique STEM opportunities to develop her student’s entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving acumen, while advancing their social skills so that they are empathetic, critical thinkers and ultimately, more employable individuals.

The state’s first teacher to become a Kagan Cooperative learning trainer, Kelly’s students work in teams to provide each other with critical feedback, influence what is taught and decide what is assigned for homework. She also has a fortnightly meeting with each student, discussing their STEM skills, personal goals and helps them to undertake self-assessment against agreed success criteria. Together with the student, she then documents the outcomes of the discussions in an email to parents and caregivers which enhances the partnership between home and school.


Matt Millar, Teacher/Senior Leader, McLaren Vale Primary School

Sofy Pipinis, Teacher/Visible Learning Impact Coach, Renmark Primary School

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