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8 ways you can help the bushfire relief effort

9 Jan 2020

In the midst of such devastation, it can be easy to feel helpless as an individual. And if you’re anything like us in the office here, you’re probably wondering how best to help with the bushfire recovery effort.

So we’ve put our heads together to come up with some ways that we (and you) can help now, and in the weeks and months to come. Take a look… 

1.  Register your interest in volunteering

If you are ready to make a big difference in your community, then why not register as a volunteer. Although, the training process takes time, you will be helping make your community a safer place to live in the future.

2.  Donate to support your country fire service

By contributing to country fire services across Australia, you can help CFS volunteers continue to fight for our communities.

3.  Buy local

Help communities get back on their feet by spending money in bushfire-affected areas. You can do this by jumping on @spendwiththem, which is a new Instagram account launched by Turia Pitt and Grace McBride that features business in fire-affected areas. So far, the account has included businesses selling everything from clothing to wine and coffee. Or even better, visit the areas no longer under threat and support local businesses. Why not head to the Adelaide Hills and enjoy a cheese platter and a bottle of wine or visit the Kangaroo Island Stall in the Adelaide Central Markets for a beautiful array of products that are made on the island! 

4.  Report scams

Sadly, bushfire related scams have been reported across Australia, not only targeting bushfire victims but also those who want to donate to the bushfire recovery. If you see any scams like this, please report them to Scam Watch, the ACCC and your financial institution to help raise awareness.

5.  Donate blood

If you are eligible to donate blood, why not make an appointment at a blood donor centre and help Australian Red Cross Lifeblood maintain their stock levels during this catastrophic time. Every blood donation can help save three lives and it doesn’t matter where you donate in Australia - blood products are transported and shared across the country. Plus, it won’t cost you a cent.

6.  Get your hands dirty

Environments ravaged by bushfires will need our help to recover. Now is a great time to support environmental organisations undertaking relief efforts such as Trees for Life, the Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative and Blaze Aid. You can do anything from grow seedlings to planting trees and rebuilding fences.

7.  Donate to organisations helping relief efforts

If you can’t volunteer your time, you can always donate money instead. There are plenty of organisations that need your support right now, including those rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in Australia. Get ready for a really long list… 

8.  Donate to GIVIT

Most emergency services have asked specifically for financial donations, as they are struggling to sort and store the huge amount of material items and pre-loved goods they’ve already received. But if you would like to donate vouchers GIVIT is a way to do so. You can also take a look at their comprehensive list of donations required by charities around Australia and donate accordingly – this way you know your donation is making a real difference.  

Every little bit counts no matter how big or small – so why not get giving!