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Digital banking

Security Update for Internet Banking and the Mobile Banking App

9 Mar 2018

To keep Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App as secure as possible, we are updating our security and encryption protocols in-line with industry best practice. As a result, from 4 April 2018 older versions of internet browsers and mobile phone operating systems will be unable to access Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking App.

Internet Banking

After the security upgrade anyone using an earlier version of an internet browser will be unable to access Internet Banking and will need to either upgrade their browser, or possibly their hardware if a browser upgrade is not supported. 

The following internet browser versions will be required to access Internet Banking from 4 April 2018:

Supported Browsers/ Devices
Google Chrome

Desktop and mobile

version 30+ (current v44)

Mozilla Firefox

Desktop and mobile

version 27+ (current v39)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Desktop and mobile

version 11+ (current v11 or Edge)

Apple Safari

Desktop only

version 7+ (current v9)

Apple Safari

Mobile only

version 5+ (current v9)

NOTE: browser version in line with iOS version (i.e. Safari mobile v5 = iOS 5)

Android Browser

Mobile only

version 5+ (current v8)

Note: browser version in line with Android OS version (i.e. v5 = Lollipop/v5.0-5.1.1)

Mobile Banking App

The older version of the Android app will stop working when the upgrade is completed. If you are using an Android device you will need to ensure you are operating on Android OS 5.0 or above and download and install the new version of our mobile app.

If you are using a device that will not support Android OS 5.0, you will need to upgrade your device if you want to continue using the app.

If you have any questions please call us on (08) 8202 7777.