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Established in 1958, we’re a member-based, not-for-profit organisation. That means we’re not driven by the need to return dividends to shareholders, and instead apply all the profits we do generate to the benefit of our Membership and broader community. You can learn more about our Member-focused banking here.

As you’d expect, we have high expectations of ourselves. For example, we strive to:

  • exhibit integrity, determination and vitality

  • create within our community a sense of belonging

  • take personal responsibility, communicate openly and do what we say

  • build an inclusive community where people feel valued and have a sense of pride

  • have the confidence and resilience to persevere, regardless of the challenge

  • create the energy to be at our best and enjoy what we do

  • build the foundations for a healthy, sustainable future.

We’re now South Australia’s third largest credit union, with seven branches, over $900 million in assets, more than 49,000 Members and around 140 employees. But rest assured, if you’re the right person, there’s always room for one more.

Information on all current employment opportunities at Credit Union SA

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We’re here to help South Australians make the most of every cent they have.

We’re delighted to be able to offer many benefits to our employees here at Credit Union SA

If you can see yourself working here at Credit Union SA, we’d love to hear from you

There are six Credit Union SA branches across Adelaide and Port Augusta