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Savings and Investment Accounts

Term Investment Watch your savings grow in high security

Competitive interest with flexible payment

If you're looking to earn a bit more interest than that offered by our savings accounts and you’re happy to leave your money untouched for a longer period, a Term Investment is a fantastic, high-security option.

It offers a high, fixed rate of interest, calculated daily and paid at maturity for terms up to 12 months. While for terms of one to five years, interest can be paid fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually – it’s your choice.

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Easy to get started

Invest as little as $5,000

Fixed interest rate

You know how much you'll earn

Your investment is government-guaranteed

For deposits up to $250,000

Wide range of terms

As little as three months and up to five years

Term Investment Interest Rates and Fees

Product Name Interest Rate
3 Month Term Investment 2.40% pa
6 Month Term Investment 2.40% pa
9 Month Term Investment 2.50% pa
1 Year Term Investment 2.60% pa
2 Year Term Investment 2.80% pa
3 Year Term Investment 3.00% pa
4 Year Term Investment 3.00% pa
5 Year Term Investment 3.00% pa
Fee Amount
Term Investment Early Withdrawal
When you request to withdraw part or all of your term investment funds prior to the contracted maturity date, an administration fee of $20 and an interest adjustment will apply - the interest rate applicable to amounts withdrawn early will be adjusted to reflect the proportion of contracted term elapsed.Calculated at the time of the withdrawal request

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Is your money working as hard to secure your future as you are?

High interest even with frequent access.

Easy access to your money wherever and whenever you want.

This is general advice only and you should consider the terms and conditions before determining whether any of our products are suitable to your situation. Deposits are guaranteed subject to the Financial Claims Scheme terms and conditions.

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