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Check commitments, predict progress and compare options.

We've got you sorted with a number of handy calculators that will help you work out exactly what you'll need to do to achieve your financial goals, whether that be borrowing money, making repayments, or creating a savings plan. 

Please keep in mind that our calculators are only a guide and should not be relied on when deciding whether or not to acquire a financial product. You should seek further information to determine whether a financial product is suitable for you.

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Saving, Budget and Income Calculators

The budget calculator helps you keep track of your finances and where your money is allocated.

The Net income calculator will work out how much net income you have earned during one financial year.

The Regular savings plan calculator will show your accumulated savings as well as interest accumulated over a specified time term.

The Savings target calculator will determine what periodic payments you will need to make to achieve your savings goal.

Loan Calculators

Compare two different loans using their individual honeymoon rates, upfront fees, monthly fees and discharge fees.

The Simple loan calculator compares 4 different loan scenarios.

The Borrowing power calculator will determine what amount a lender may lend you based on your income and expenses.

The Loan repayments calculator allows you to calculate your repayments for different loans, for various terms and payment frequencies.

This calculator will show you how much you will save if you make 1/2 of your monthly mortgage payment every two weeks instead of once a month.

This calculator will show the amount you can save if you make extra repayments at each period instead of the minimum amount.

Use this calculator to discover how increasing and decreasing your repayments will effect the total amount of interest owed and time saved on your loan.

The Stamp duty calculator will calculate which mandatory government fees are required at different property purchase prices.

This calculator will show how a linked account with a credit balance can help reduce the interest and time taken to pay off your loan.