Everything you need to know about solar panels and home batteries

A resource hub for solar panels, batteries and power

We’ve gathered a range of resources* that will help you understand more about solar power, solar panels and rechargeable home batteries. 

Learn about current rebates, solar panel and battery costs, benefits and comparisons, reputable installers, payment options and more.

How solar power works in Australia

The Australian climate leads to some of the best solar energy resources in the world. Learn how we can utilise our environment and climate to produce power, plus understand how it’s measured.

Understanding solar costs and savings

As solar power and panel technology has developed, the costs associated with installation have decreased for people looking to explore solar. There are also government grants and rebates that might help you pay for your new solar unit. Solar power can reduce your electricity costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

Tesla Powerwall Loan

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Finding the right solar panels for you

With so many solar panels on the market, it can be hard to know what panels will work best for you. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of resources that compare solar panel pricing, quality, electricity retailer offers, solar inverters and installers.

Everything you need to know about home batteries

You’ve probably heard about home batteries. Now, it’s time to hear everything. Learn about how home battery storage works, the pros and cons, costing, storage, efficiency, how to select quality batteries and more.

Tesla Powerwall Loan

Store energy, power your home, 24/7 protection

Finding the right home battery for you

Are you ready to buy a home battery? Before you dive in, take a look at the resources we’ve put together to help you choose the best battery for your home and circumstances.

Get a Powerwall quote from a Tesla Certified Installer

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