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Seven steps to protect your cards

With all credit cards now requiring a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to validate purchases, rather than a signature, it’s very difficult for a thief to use a stolen credit card in any over-the-counter transaction – providing you protect your PIN.

But that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. There are still two serious card security threats that you should take precautions against.

Skimming and counterfeit cards

"Skimming" involves copying a card's number and relevant details while it's being used to make a genuine transaction, usually through an ATM or by eftpos. These details are then used to create a counterfeit card.

Card-not-present fraud

This refers to unauthorised purchases being made remotely, such as online, over the phone or through the mail by simply quoting your credit card details. With no face-to-face contact or PIN required, it's a fraudster favourite.

What’s your best protection?

  1. Never write down your card’s PIN or divulge it to anyone.
  2. Before using an ATM, check that it doesn't look tampered with, or appear to have a card "reader" or skimming device/sleeve fitted to it.
  3. Cover the ATM or eftpos keypad when entering your PIN.
  4. Store securely any receipts you need to keep, and securely destroy all others.
  5. Keep your card in view at all times during a transaction.
  6. Notify Credit Union SA before travelling overseas using your Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking.
  7. Sign any new or replacement card the moment you receive it and destroy the old one.

Verified by Visa (VbV)

Verified by Visa (VbV) is an online service developed by Visa to make internet transactions safer by authenticating a cardholder's identity when you make a purchase from a participating retailer.

Visa Debit Card Visa Credit Card

For more information

If you have lost or had your card stolen, report or replace any cards that are missing. 

To learn more about our Card security measures, call (08) 8202 7777.

Or, for more information about protecting your personal finances more generally, visit:

If your Credit Union SA rediCARD or Visa Card is lost or stolen, report immediately to have the card cancelled.

We are committed to keeping you and your money safe while transacting with us.

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If your Credit Union SA rediCARD or Visa Card is lost or stolen, report immediately to have the card cancelled.

Our Visa credit card has 0% pa^ balance transfer service, no ATM withdrawal fees*, up to 55 days interest-free on purchases and 24/7 fraud monitoring.

Links directly to your Credit Union SA transaction account, giving you 24/7 access to your own money all over the world.

Protecting our members' funds is of paramount importance to Credit Union SA.

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