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Car and Personal Loans

Fee Amount
Establishment Fee
Payable when you apply for a new personal loan or an increase to an existing personal loan$195
Monthly Fee
None of our personal loans have monthly fees$0
Redraw Fee
Redraws are free on all our personal loans and car loans$0
Security processing fee
Payable when your loan is to be secured by a motor vehicle$40
Arrears Fee
Payable whenever we send you a letter because you do not make a repayment in full on or before the date it is due and the default continues for three days or more.
Letter 1 – arrears 3 to 10 days
Letter 2 – arrears 11 to 18 days
Letter 3 – arrears 19 to 26 days
Letter 4 – arrears 27 days or more
First letter$0
Subsequent letters$10
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