11 awesome gifts for teaching kids about money

16 Dec 2021

| Holidays

Are you looking for kids’ gifts that keep on giving well after Christmas? We’ve put together a list of great pressies designed to teach kids about money and basic financial concepts while also keeping them entertained! It’s win-win. Here are some of our favourites:

Piggy bank

What better way to help children understand saving money than with a trusty piggy bank? There’s a tonne of different versions on the market, but we’re particularly fond of piggy banks that have separate chambers for saving, spending, donating and investing. 

For ages: 9+ months

Cash register games

A toy cash register not only introduces kids to basic math problems but also familiarises them with the concept of money. Kids can slowly start learning numbers first and then graduate to doing simple adding and subtracting and build from there.

For ages: 9+ months

Play money

Let your little one’s imagination run wild with play money. They can pretend to be a shop keeper, banker, or anything they like. Kids can have lots of fun and start to recognise notes and coins.

For ages: 3+ years

Learning About Money Set

This magnetic money set can help kids learn how to count and handle money. It’s as simple as making sums and paying for those sums using fake Australian money. This set is perfect for kids who want to sharpen their addition and subtraction skills.

For ages: 4+ years

Pocket Money Game

Pocket Money is a fun game that gives kids the opportunity to use coins and notes to purchase items and make change. While kids move around the board, they can either purchase items or earn money by doing chores or by recycling goods. It introduces the concept that money is earned and exchanged for goods.

For ages: 5+ years

Money Match Café

This is the perfect educational game to help kids develop their skills in addition and money handling, with lots of imaginative play for added fun. Kids create their own café scene which involves adding up coins to match meal prices and serving ‘customers’. It’s a great way to make learning fun.

For ages: 5 - 8 years

Australian Money Bingo

This bingo game has been designed to teach kids how to use money in real-life scenarios. Kids will learn all about how to use different denominations of notes and coins in a fun way. There are 6 boards in the boxed set enabling 7 players to play (one person plays as caller).

For ages: 6+ years

Australian Money Bags Game

Kids will love winding their way along with the ‘Money Bags board’ earning and exchanging realistic-looking Australian coins as they go. The game is all about improving kids coin recognition, addition, subtraction, and equivalency skills while also promoting positive attitudes towards earning and saving money.

For ages: 6+ years

Beat the Kangaroo Bingo

Beat the Kangaroo is played in a similar way to traditional bingo but with a few differences like using monetary values instead of numbers and playing in a team against ‘the kangaroo’ instead of individually. The games overall goal is to help children gain confidence interacting with money.

For ages: 6+ years


A classic educational board game! Helping children practise math that can be applied in the real world. Monopoly has a version for all tastes including Mario, Mandalorian, Frozen, DC Comics and even an “Adelaide” edition. For little ones, there are Junior and Electronic Banking versions.

For ages: 8+ years

Monopoly PayDay

Gather the family together to play this game of handling finances. The game is great for teaching kids about more complex concepts such as loans and how to manage their money wisely.

For ages: 8+ years

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