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Health Partners

Save 6% on health insurance

As a Credit Union SA member, you’re eligible for a 6% discount on your health insurance.

Join Health Partners today.

Already a Health Partners member? You can take advantage of this special offer too!

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Health Insurance Done Right

Over 80 years ago Health Partners was created by a small group of people, with the simple purpose of looking after each other’s health. And today, our purpose is still the same – doing health right by you.

That means being a health fund that provides quality, value-for-money health insurance. Offering benefits that truly benefit you, and delivering outstanding customer service.

Like Credit Union SA, Health Partners is locally owned and operated, and proudly SA’s largest not-for-profit health fund.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance can cover you against unexpected illness and also help with the costs of keeping you healthy in the meantime. There are two types of cover that are typically offered. 

  • Hospital cover covers you when you are submitted to hospital for necessary procedures. It generally allows you to choose your doctor and hospital and ensures little or no waiting time.
  • Extras cover is for more day-to-day treatments to maintain your health, such as visits to the dentist, optician and chiropractor. 

You can usually choose which level of cover and what type of extras you need to suit your health needs and budget. 

Credit Union SA is proud to partner with Health Partners, South Australia’s largest open health fund, which has provided hospital and extras cover to over 80,000 members since 1937. 


Save 6% on your health insurance

Get 100% back at the dentist, physio and optical store  

SA’s largest not-for-profit health fund

Want to do more with your money?

Get protection for your home buildings and your contents by combining buildings and contents covers on the one policy.

Our Children’s Savings Account has taken out Mozo’s Expert Choice Award for the third year in a row and received a 5-Star Rating from Canstar. So, we can officially say it’s one of the best in Australia!

We’re here to protect what’s most valuable to you.

At Credit Union SA we pride ourselves on getting involved with and supporting our local South Australian community.

6% discount available on all Health Partners products for current Credit Union SA members, when premiums are paid via direct debit on the first of each calendar month. This discount incorporates the 3% normally offered for paying via direct debit. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Call 1300 113 113 for more information. Offer is current as at 01/06/2018 and is subject to change.

Limits, waiting periods, restrictions and exclusions may apply. Benefits vary according to cover level – those noted throughout this page provide a snapshot of some that may apply on Base, Good, Better and Best Extras when using a Health Partners Participating Provider, and may relate to specific item numbers or incorporate further terms and conditions. Refer to individual cover details for more information.