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What would you choose?

Help our couples make smart financial choices.

Making smart financial choices can be difficult. You need to consider tax laws, super rules, Centrelink – and the list goes on. Put yourself in the shoes of five animated couples to help them make smart financial choices.

The choices people make don’t just affect their finances, they affect their overall wellbeing. Research shows there are emotional, social and personal benefits associated with seeing a financial planner. In fact, people who see a financial planner, compared to those who don’t, are:
  • 20 per cent more likely to have increased feelings of security regarding their day-to-day finances, and
  • 21 per cent more likely to have peace of mind with regards to their financial future.

What’s more, once people make a financial choice they’re usually stuck with the outcome, for better or worse.

Imagine if you could easily go back and try again if you weren’t happy with the outcome of your choices. That’s exactly what the Choices interactive experience is designed to do.

Give our Choices interactive experience a go!

Our Pre-Retirement Seminars, presented by Bridges Financial Services, cover all these questions and a wide range of other useful information for anyone thinking about retiring.

Credit Union SA refers its members and other people to Bridges Financial Services Pty Limited (Bridges) | ABN 60 003 474 977 | ASX Participant | AFSL No 240837 and in return receives a commission of up to 22.5% of the fees and commissions they receive on investments and a trailing commission of up to 0.20% per annum on funds held under management. This is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situation and needs. Before making an investment decision based on this information, you should assess your own circumstances or consult a financial planner or a registered tax agent. In referring members to Bridges, Credit Union SA does not accept responsibility for any acts, omissions or advice of Bridges and its authorised representatives.

Examples are illustrative only and are subject to the assumptions and qualifications disclosed. Bridges Financial Services Pty Ltd is part of the IOOF group.

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