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Line of Credit Turn the equity in your home into an on-tap loan

Combine your home loan and everyday transaction account

Make large purchases quickly and easily

If you have equity in your home, our Line of Credit lets you borrow against it at any time, for anything you want or need. New car, pool, holiday, investment – if the equity is there, you can make it happen.

It even has some flexible options to help you save money by paying off your loan faster.


Repay as much as you want, whenever you want

As long as the interest is covered each month, you’re good.

Redraw at any time up to the approved limit

There’s even an optional Visa debit card to do it with.

Only pay interest on the outstanding balance

And you can reduce that with regular deposits, such as by having your payroll directly credited to it.

Available with our Home Loan Package

Get a discount of up to 0.80% pa off your rate! Annual package fee and conditions apply.

Line of Credit interest rates

Product Name Interest Rate
Owner Occupied 5.54% pa
Investment 5.79% pa


Fee Amount
Application Fee$600
Monthly Fee$0
Redraw Fee$0

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