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School Community Rewards

Information for schools, principals and teachers

A little bit about Credit Union SA...

Credit Union SA has supported the financial needs of South Australians for over 60 years, with a key focus on serving the education community. We offer all the same services as a bank, but with one very important difference: we don't chase big profits for shareholders.

Credit Union SA is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation, so it's our members – everyone who banks with us – who collectively are our shareholders. Consequently, it's our members, their families and South Australian communities who are our top priority, enjoying fairer interest rates and fees, and all our profits are channelled back for the members' benefit.

...and our products and services

Like any bank, Credit Union SA can offer you a wide range of competitive home and personal loans, term investments, credit cards, Home and Motor Insurance, and transaction, savings and online accounts. 

We pride ourselves on paying well, charging low fees (with many products completely, or near fee-free), offering extremely flexible terms, and delivering warm, attentive service. We also offer excellent digital options such as Google Pay™Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and mobile banking apps. 

“Our loan rate is lower, the terms are more flexible, and the service has been wonderful. We can now save hundreds each year.” 

How School Community Rewards can work for your school...

  1. Individual members of your school community – parents, grandparents, friends, staff and teachers – simply open any of Credit Union SA's highly competitive banking products. This includes home and personal loans, credit cards, savings and transaction accounts, insurance and more.
  2. Those individuals nominate your school as their School Community Rewards beneficiary.
  3. Credit Union SA will then regularly donate a portion of our profits to your school, providing valuable extra funds to use however the school wishes.

The following schools are already benefitting from School Community Rewards:

We make it easy for you and your school to get things started

  • Introduce and endorse the program to your Governing Council or board, as we’ll need their approval to run it in the school.
  • Help us identify the most appropriate method to send home our small information pack to parents. 
  • Keep us informed of upcoming school functions and events at which School Community Rewards representatives and Credit Union SA Mobile Managers can unobtrusively promote the program. This may be at a school fete or sporting event. 
  • And most importantly, look for opportunities to encourage the program’s consideration by everyone in your community.

 We won't push the friendship...

Credit Union SA's School Community Rewards representatives and Mobile Managers are highly aware of the need for patience, politeness, restraint and respect in your school environment. They understand that it would be an absolute privilege to have your permission to enter it and present the School Community Rewards program, and would behave accordingly whenever they did so. After all, many of us have children at school, too, and that’s how we’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Education Community Banking Benefits

Credit Union SA also offers you and your staff Education Community Banking Benefits.

We've already mentioned our fondness for community-building. But did you know Credit Union SA has always had a particularly strong connection with the education sector?

We think it's important to lend a special hand to the education workers helping to prepare our next generation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

So with that in mind, we've made our Education Community Banking Benefits package really something special. For starters, it offers you and your staff:

Just imagine the impact of taking up these fantastic savings and linking the products with an ongoing School Community Rewards donation stream!

Your privacy is assured: Credit Union SA’s School Community Rewards program does not share any of your personal information with your school. To ensure participants’ privacy, no individual identification is provided to the school. The school is only advised of the number of participants and the total reward payment.

Notice: For security reasons, current members of Credit Union SA are asked to submit all account enquiries through Internet Banking Secure Mail.

You will receive a call from our specialists on the same day of your enquiry at your preferred time, between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 2pm on Saturdays. 

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School Community Rewards Case Studies

The evidence shows that South Australian schools already involved in School Community Rewards are raising genuinely useful sums of money.

Jenny Berry, Woodcroft Primary School Governing Council

"Since we’ve started the program we’ve received $23,000, and it just keeps growing! Best thing is we can use the money for whatever we like. We’ve chosen to use it for fitness equipment that the kids love, which we couldn’t have otherwise afforded."

 Reynella Primary School

"Reynella Primary School joined School Community Rewards in 2014. Since then, 108 members of our school community have opened products with Credit Union SA and we have received nearly $13,000 as a result. 

“It’s been an enormous help, allowing us to fund projects for students that otherwise would have still been in the planning stage. 

School Community Rewards has allowed us to build a verandah to link classrooms, helped with the development of our nature play area, and significantly reduced pressure on our volunteer-based fundraising efforts!" - Steve Freeman Former Principal, Reynella Primary School, 2016

 Antonio Catholic School

"When Monique Russell listened to a presentation with other Antonio Catholic School staff about Credit Union SA’s School Community Rewards, she thought it all seemed too good to be true. 

“We were unsure at first, but soon realised the program is precisely as good as it sounds,” Monique said. 

“I couldn’t say exactly how many people from the school are now involved, but last year the school received a cheque for $6,000 which we used to buy new, large-scale interactive screens for classrooms. 

“It would have been quite a stretch for us to have achieved the rollout across the school, as opposed to just a few classrooms – and a lot more special fundraising lunches – if it hadn’t been for the injection of funds as a result of School Community Rewards.” 

“We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by being involved. I’ve heard of more families joining, but the proof will be in the pudding at the end of the year. And, whatever funds are generated, it will be great – and fun – to work with parents and the rest of the school community to work out what we’ll do with those funds.” 

1We do not charge any fees when using ATMs within Australia. However, some ATM operators may charge a fee to process your transaction or balance enquiry. If withdrawing cash overseas a fee may be charged by the ATM operator and the details will be disclosed at the time of the transaction or enquiry. Other fees and charges may apply. This is general advice only and you should consider the terms and conditions before determining whether any of our products are suitable to your situation.

Digital wallets can be used by members to pay for purchases via a debit or credit card loaded into a compatible smart device, wherever mobile payment systems are offered. Visit for more details. 

3 Lending criteria, fees and conditions apply. Offer is current as at 23/04/2018 and is subject to change. Minimum loan $250,000 to purchase or build a first home with a loan to value ratio over 80%. All loans that are eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant will be subject to pay Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance. To be eligible, applicants must not have previously owned residential property in Australia. Available to natural persons only (i.e. not a trustee or a company).

Education Community Banking Benefits are available to any employee of the South Australian education community and students carrying out studies in education, and their immediate family (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and partners only).

Offer is current as at 17/11/2020 and is subject to change.

All members of the school community must consider their own circumstances and obtain their own advice before joining School Community Rewards. The school takes no responsibility for any advice or product offered by Credit Union SA Ltd. This information is general in nature and doesn’t take into account your own personal circumstances. It is important for you to consider the terms and conditions or Product Disclosure Statement before acquiring any of our products or services to help you decide whether they are suitable for you. Conditions and fees apply. Lending criteria apply to all credit products. Products are issued by Credit Union SA Ltd except for insurance where the Credit Union acts as an agent for Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd AFSL 234708 ABN 15 000 122 850.

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