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Insuring support for St John's Youth Services

29 Jul 2019

St John’s Youth Services were awarded $5,000 from our insurance partners Allianz, as part of our recent ‘Hamilton Island Getaway’ campaign.

Our Sponsorship Specialist Debbie Meich presented the cheque to St John’s Youth Services with Allianz Account Manager Paul McDonough at is an exciting new initiative from St John’s Youth Services. Comprised of a training café, gallery and youth hub, opens a whole new world of possibilities for young people in SA.

Pictured L-R: Paul McDonough (Allianz), Debbie Meich (Credit Union SA), Ryan Bullivant (St John's Youth Services – youth110) and Alex Houthuysen (St John's Youth Services – Aboriginal Cultural Broker).

Supporting St John’s Youth Services

We have been proudly supporting St John’s Youth Services since 2010 as part of our Social Responsibility Program.

What St John’s Youth Services do 

St John’s Youth Services work hard to break the cycle of homelessness before it can take hold of young lives. They work with young people throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area who are experiencing, or are at serious risk of experiencing, homelessness.

We see three particularly valuable benefits in St John’s Youth Services’ work: 

  1. They are making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in South Australia
  2. They are seeking to make that difference long-term
  3. The programs they run are empowering, educational and individualised. 

St John’s Youth Services receives over 1,000 referrals a year and has accommodated a total of over 7,500 individual young people and almost 1,000 small dependent children.

Many of these young people stay in the services only once, but over half return within three months and many face such overwhelming barriers that the services provided by St John’s become their de-facto family.

What we do to help

Our staff and members have supported and continue to support St John’s Youth Services in a variety of ways including: 

  • Collecting winter clothes
  • Participating in the City to Bay Fun Run (fundraising)
  • Re-building their website
  • Organising the Giving Tree for John's Youth Services to collect gifts and donations each year.

What you can do to help 

Donate: Both one-off and recurring donations to St John’s Youth Services are allocated to programs and services that provide direct benefits to young people and children in their journey to independence. 

Workplace giving: Workplace giving is an easy way for employers and their employees to help people in need. Workplace giving enables employees to make pre-tax donations automatically through their pay. 

Fundraise: If you’re keen to get started, drop St Johns Youth Services a line and they’ll get in touch with you soon.

Why not get involved today – every little bit helps!

Featured mural artwork by Marra Dreaming.