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You now have access to over 10,000 fee-free ATMs

28 Jun 2018

Not too long ago chances are you would have been charged a fee of around $2 when using one of the major bank’s ATMs.

Referred to as a ‘foreign ATM’ or ‘direct charge’ fee, this is now no longer the case with the major banks (Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB and Bank SA) all deciding last year to axe this fee. 

This is great news for members and means you can use any of their 10,000+ ATMs around Australia completely free of this charge! 

Avoid paying ATM fees 

There are still many ATMs out there which will charge you a fee when using them, and members are encouraged to avoid using these. 

You will be advised on screen during the transaction if a fee will be charged, and at the same time be given the opportunity to reject this charge by cancelling the transaction. If convenient to do so, why not think about cancelling the transaction and using another ATM close by. 

As well as the major bank’s 10,000+ fee-free ATMs nationwide, you can also continue to withdraw cash: 

  • by using one of our 3,000+ rediATMs 
  • at any Australia Post outlet 
  • during an eftpos transaction at a checkout – select ‘savings’ then nominate the amount of cash you’d like to withdraw.
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