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BPAY. Fall head over heels in like.

26 Apr 2017

Have you ever thought about the life-long relationship with bills that we all have? Sure, as we go through different life stages there are different bills that we must pay but regardless bills are a consistent part of our lives. Considering the length of the relationship, this is where BPAY can make things easier.

It’s hard to imagine falling in love with your bills, but with BPAY, you may find yourself falling in like.

With BPAY View, you can have your bills delivered directly to your online banking – so you can view, pay automatically or with a single click*, knowing that the bill will be securely stored in your online banking.

3 easy steps to pay bills^ 

Thanks to BPAY View, paying and keeping track of your bills has never been easier. And getting started takes just 3 simple steps.

  1. Log in to your online banking and search for your BPAY View Biller.
  2. Register with your billers and from now on, bills from those billers will go straight to your online banking. You’ll get a message from your Financial Institution when it gets there.
  3. Once your new bills arrive, go to BPAY View and pay with one click*.

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^if BPAY View is offered by your financial institution and biller. The process may vary slightly between financial institutions. *The process may vary slightly between financial institutions. BPAY® is a trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518. Check if BPAY is right for you by reading the terms and conditions available from your Financial Institution.

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