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Savings and Investment Accounts

Bonus Savings Account Extra reward for regular saving

Just mix a monthly deposit with a dash of patience

Our Bonus Savings Account rewards you with bonus interest each month that you make a deposit (of any amount) and no withdrawals.

Whether you’re saving for a new car, holiday or simply a ‘rainy day’, it’s a great way to achieve your goals faster. Funds are available at call.  

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Earn high interest


No monthly fees


Set up regular direct deposits


24/7 banking

With Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking Apps.

Interest rates and fees

Product Name Interest Rate Rate + Bonus
Bonus Savings Account 0.05% pa 1.80% pa
Fee Amount
Monthly Fee
There is no monthly fee on the Bonus Savings Account.$0
Transaction Fee
One free withdrawal permitted each month. Additional withdrawals are charged at the end of the month*.$2.50

How we can help

High interest even with frequent access.

Easy access to your money wherever and whenever you want.

Whether you want money for a car, boat, holiday, wedding or renovation - we can help.

Fast and easy pre-approvals, let you shop with confidence.

*Other fees and charges may apply. This is general advice only and you should consider the terms and conditions before determining whether any of our products are suitable to your situation.  

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